October Book Haul, Wrap Up + November TBR||October 31

Happy Halloween!

Sorry that I haven’t kept up with my Halloween week special. I’ve been trying super hard to prepare for NaNoWriMo, which starts tomorrow. So, since it’s the end of October, I decided I would do a big post about the books I got/read in October and the books I want to read in November. Also, there will not be a Currently Reading post up because i’m stil reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

Book Haul:


During the month of October, I acquired nine books which is more than I’ve ever got in a month. The reason behind this is the fact that my birthday was in the middle of the month. But, at the beginning of the month, I bought myself Lux: Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This book is a bind up of the final book in the Lux series and the prequel novella, Shadows. For my birthday, I acquired the other eight books I got this month. My parents bought me Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I’ve wanted to read both of these books for a long time and am so excited to finally do so. My grandparents bought me the other six books. I self-consciously freaked out when I saw them. As some of you may already know from one of my previous posts, the books I’m talking about are all of the Mortal Instruments novels.

Wrap Up:


I finished three books as of now. The first being Lux: Opposition. The second being Lux: Shadows and the third being Wuthering Heights. Starting off with the Lux series, all I can say is that they never let me down.And, let me just say, How beautiful is Daemon on that cover. Pepe Toth was definitely the perfect cover model for this series. For those who don’t know what happens in Shadows, it’s basically the events of Dawson and Bethany. Right before my birthday, I didn’t have anything to read so, I went to my school library and picked up their copy of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I was hoping that they had Pride and Prejudice but the only one I found was this one. This book didn’t let me down at all. I loved reading about how much Heathcliff loved Catherine but never showed it.

November TBR:


During November, I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish City of Bones and read all the way until City of Fallen Angels. It’s quite a large TBR for the way this month is turning out so far. Since NaNoWriMo is going on all month, I won’t have much reading time.

The Secret Diamond Sisters Special + DAF Release Part 2 + mini NaNoWriMo announcement||October 28

So, the Halloween week post is canceled for today because Diamonds Are Forever came out yesterday and I thought I’d do a special Secret Diamond Sisters themed post. Also, yesterday, Michelle Madow, the author of the series followed me on Twitter and since then we’ve been keeping in touch via Twitter Messenger and it’s seriously been the best talking to her. She is the kindest and most amazing person I have ever texted and I hope that one day I will be able to meet her in person. If you want to follow my Twitter it is @AlainaBagan.

Moving along. So, as most of you should know by now, Michelle’s newest book and the third installment in the TSDS series was released yesterday (October 27) and instead of just letting my little birthday shoutout of the book flow, I decided that I would put together a special post in honor of this amazing series.

So, about book one, The Secret Diamond Sisters:


I borrowed this book off of my friend back in March and fell in love. It was so intriguing and I needed the next book in the series right after I finished the first. But that didn’t happen for quite a while. When you read this book, you get deeply immersed in the world of the Diamond sistersΒ that you just can’t stop reading. In this book, you get to read through the views of Courtney, Peyton and Savannah Diamond as they struggle through the ties of moving from a small Callifornian town to Las Vegas. After their grandmother took their mother to rehab for her alcohol problems, their father gives them a call after years of not keeping in contact with them. And, their father just so happens to be THE Adrian Diamond, multimilionaire, hotel owner. They get to live a life in Vegas now and it is all just starting. Savannah loves it there. It’s like shopaholic heaven to her. On the other hand, Peyton and Courtney aren’t too fond of life in Vegas. What could go wrong in Vegas with Adrian Diamond as your father? Almost everything.

Book two, Diamonds in the Rough:


Diamond in the Rough…..OMG. It was phenomenal! The Diamond sisters got through their first summer in Vegas and are starting school. On the first day of school, Savannah dressed up way too much, and in the end, looked way different then the other students at the private school. By lunch that day, Savannah had already bumped into Damien and the two of them plan to pursue Savannah’s YouTube career together. Courtney, once again can’t handle her feelings for Brett and, in the end, “re-falls” in love with him. Peyton, on the other hand, does the impossible. She may be falling in love with one of her teachers. And then there’s Madison. The Diamond sisters’ arch-nemesis, is keeping a deadly secret that might bring her and the sisters together.

And now, Book three, the newly released Diamonds Are forever.


I really wish I could’ve got an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of this book beforehand, but I didn’t. So, I’ll have to go off of what I know is going to happen. In the third and final installment in this series, the Diamond sisters go on their family private jet over the mountains. It’s not like anything could go wrong with that. But, as the story moves along, Savannah and singer/songwriter Perry Myles take their relationship to the next level. Is Perry the right guy for Savannah or should she go back for Damien? As Savannah’s relationship goes up, so does Courtney’s. Her and Brett decided that they couldn’t hide their feelings forever and as their parent’s wedding approaches, they’re going to have to reveal their secret soon. Courtney and Brett aren’t the only ones with a secret. Madison has one too and she is prepared to reveal it to the sisters, as she may need their help with something. And then there’s Peyton, who is still trying to figure out what her future is going to look like.

This series is incredible! A mix of humor and serious topics mix together for a must-read. Everyone should read this series, even if it doesn’t sound interesting to you, give it a go because you might be surprised by how good it is. πŸ˜€

*NaNoWriMo Announcement*

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it. Tweet me a story line you would like me to write about

Top Ten Favorite Books + Diamonds are Forever Release||October 27

Top Ten Tuesday

Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I had too many things I wanted to do and not enough time to do them all. So, to make up for yesterdays post, I’m going to post on Thursday. P.S. today is my double, non-halloween related posts.

My Top Ten Favorite Books:

1. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Β obsidian

For those who have never read this book, you have to go and get it. It is brilliantly amazing. Jennifer’s books are beyond amazing and everyone needs to go buy them. I’ve read the whole Lux series and I swear, all of your emotions will be swirling around in your mind when you finish the series. Now, I’ll stop ranting and tell you a bit about the book. Katy Swartz, a book loving blogger didn’t think she would ever come face to face with a group of aliens. But when she moves to West Virginia, her neighbours just so happen to be aliens. Dee, a lovely girl who becomes Katy’s best friend; and Daemon, aka the hottie with extreme mood swings. For the most part he’s just a jerk but at times, he is really sweet. This book is a must read for anybody.

2. Prodigy by Marie Lu

Β prodigy

This book is the second book in the Legend trilogy and it shows true love at its best. I’m pretty sure I read the last one hundred pages while in math class last year and I was in tears when I finished. In the second installment in this series, June and Day return, only to find out the Elector Primo is dead. The Elector’s son, Anden is placed into his position. June and Day team up with the patriots and determine a plan to assasinate Anden. You’ll have to read the book to figure out if the assasination plan works.

3. The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow


This book was extraordinary! Have you ever imagined living most of your life with a drunk mother and then all of a sudden, moving to Las Vegas to live with your rich father in a high end penthouse. That’s what life is like for Savannah, Courtney and Peyton Diamond. Partying every night is their new routine. But, what if, dating the wrong people is a storyline that ran into this book? Read it to find out.

4. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Β t5w

Only read this book if you are prepared to read about aliens, violence and death, a lot of death. Besides the fact of a lot of death, this book is still super epic. Cassie Sullivan lived a normal life…..that was, until the first wave came around. The first wave left darkness. The second left a tsunami so big, it wiped out all of any coastal cities. The third injected extreme viruses into innocent humans, leaving them with a slow and dreadful death. The fourth dealt with killing the rest of the human population using “silencers”. The fifth is what nobody suspected. Innocent children set up to kill the rest of the world.

5. Ink by Amanda Sun

Β 13423346

Ink isn’t a book that most people have read but, we have to make that change. Katie Green moves to Japan after her mother’s devastating death only to find herself trapped in the world of the kami. Meeting Tomohiro should’ve gone better than it had. It all started when Katie made the mistake of looking at a fallen picture; a picture that moved. After that, Tomo was really rude towards Katie but she didn’t care; she stalked him anyways. Until one day, when Tomo was drawing at a park, he noticed her and invited her to sit with him.

6. Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout


This book is the fourth installment in the Lux series and is one of the most heart-wrenching books you’ll ever read. At the end of Opal, what happened to Dawson and Beth, happened to Katy and Daemon; except this time they were separated. You get to see the different views of Daemon and Katy and how they get through without one another. With the help of Luc, Daemon attempts to save Katy, but instead falls into the hands of Nancy Husher. What will Nancy do with him? Continue the bestselling Lux series to find out.

7. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick


This book was so lovely. I really related to Sam and couldn’t handle the hottie boyfriend she had. Like lets just take a second…….JASE!!!!!!! He was amazing. But, I got to say, Andy was my favorite. Okay, I guess I’ll stop ranting and talk a bit about the novel. Samantha Reed has lived beside the Garrett’s all of her life. riotous and messy, her mother despised them, but she sat at her window every night watching them. Until one night, one of them actually climbs onto her roof to sit with her. What will happen next? Read it to find out.

8. After(wattpad edition) by Anna Todd


I know this is more of an older level book but, I read it anyways. And, I actually liked it. A lot of people hated this book but I enjoyed the topic of college romance. But, while reading this book, I felt really bad for Tessa. Not being able to talk Zayn because of Harry must’ve been torture. I do actually suggest this book so, go ahead and read it.

9.Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi


Okay, let me just say, Juliette was so Fierce. It was unbelievable. Juliette hasn’t touched a human in 264 days. The last time she touched one, it counted as murder and she got locked up by the Reestablishment. Nobody knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal, I guess that’s just how life goes. One day, a boy named Adam is sent into her cell room as a “room mate” but was secretly working with the reestablishment. After a long time of not being able to touch Juliette, Adam finally does and quickly finds out that the touch isn’t deadly towards him.

10. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner


Lilac LaRoux, the daughter of a well-known rich father runs into Tarver Merendsen while aboard the Icarus. Taarver, the opposite of Lilac, works within the ship. One night, the ship goes out of Hyperspace, killing everyone on the ship except Lilac and Tarver. The two of them are left alone on a mysterious planet with only themselves and ration bars.

Happy Book Release Diamonds are Forever!


This series by Michelle Madow is amazing and a must read for everyone. Happy book birthday.

Creatures of the Night Book Tag||October 25

Halloween Week Post 1

pumpkin gif

So this week I thought I’d do Halloween themed posts until the 31st. Tuesday will be a double post day, seeing that it’ll be my first Top Ten Tuesday and it is the day of the Diamonds are Forever release. Also, I’m not going to post this Thursday so you guys don’t become bored of me. So, everyday except Tuesday and Thursday there will be a tag like this until Saturday.

Moving along with the tag. I thought the Creatures of the Night Book Tag would be perfect to showcase some of my favorite books with creepy, character aspects in them.

1. Vampires


This category was hard to decide but since I really wanted to try to put one series in each category, I’ll have to choose The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith. I’ve only read the first four books in this series but, in those books, you learn enough about each character to either have love or hate feelings toward the books. This series definitley wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t the worst either. Like seriously guys, the Salvatore brothers were total hotties. I probably won’t continue reading this series but I might try to watch the TV show. I’ve only ever seen a few clips from the first season and the last episode of the sixth season so, I think it might be cool to watch the characters come to life. And even, my name is close enough to the main character’s. Elena, Alaina. Okay, moving on.

2. Werewolves


Whenever I think of werewolves, the first thing that comes to mind is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The La Push pack were a huge part of the saga. I was definitley not a big fan of Jacob but, I have to say my favorite was Seth. He was so fierece and adventurous. What made me like him even more was that he would do anything to save his family. His was also friends with the Cullens. If you have never read the Twilight series before, you have to pick it up.

3. Zombies


I have never actually read a book featuring zombies, so I thought I’d pick a book that I want to read. In the end, I picked Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. I saw the movie around the time it came out and I absolutely fell in love. The book is a zombie-apocalyptic themed Romeo and Juliet. The characters all changed names. (Romeo=R,Juliet=Julie). When I feel like reading a zombie book, I’ll definitley pick up this book.

4. Ghosts


The same thing for ghosts follows from zombies. I haven’t read a ghost book so I’m going to pick one that has been recommended to me. The book I pick is The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco. The only thing I actually know about this book is that it is based off of a Japanese ghost story. I think this book would be cool to read next Halloween season.

5. Witch/ Warlock/ Spellcaster


Of course, for this category I have to pick Harry Potter. I’ve never actually read all of the books but I’ve read the first three and seen all of the movies which gives me enough knowledge about the series to write about it as my favorite. Out of all of the professors, my favorites were Flitwick and Snape; out of the students, mine were Hermione Granger and Cedric Diggory. The Harry Potter series is a well-known series to people of all ages and if you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Then you can “swish and flick” your wands and say your favorite spell. Mine is Wingardium Leviosa.

6. Fairy/ Fae


For this category, I have to pick The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I’m still only on City of Bones but, I just love when Jace talks about the faeries. I imagine them being beautiful figurines, flying through the night sky. I hope my imagining of the faeries is what they really look like.

7. Demons


I can’t help it, I have to pick TMI again. Tons of demons pop up throughout the books and you just won’t be able to resist reading about them. My favorite kind of demon is the ravener. I know they are very sluggish and ugly but, at the same time, they are the most well-known for readers of City of Bones. I believe that there are more kinds of Demons but for now, the ravener is my favorite.

8. Angels


The only book series I own that has angels in it is TMI, so I’m going to pick something that I haven’t read yet. My pick is Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. I’ve wanted to read this since I finished the Lux series because I believe that this series of books are classics for the fallen angel universe. Anna Whitt and Kaidan Rowe should be modern day classic charcters like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were in Pride and Prejudice. This series doesn’t have much hype at the moment, but I believe that should change.

9. Aliens


Lux, duh. Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout is probably number one on my favorites list. It is just amazing. The main character, Katy, inspired me to create this blog and I’m really happy I did. The cool thing about this series is that it doesn’t feature your everyday alien. It features Luxen(light) and Arum(shadow) aliens. And you’ll definitley fall head over heels for Daemon Black. For those who have never read a JLA book before, you must read one. You become submerged into her writing and won’t be able to escape.

10. Superpowered humans


This one is a tie between The Paper Gods series by Amanda Sun and the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. They are both incredible books that star characters with powers. In Amanda Sun’s Ink, book one in The Paper Gods series, Katy moves to Japan after her mother’s devastating passing. After being bullied by him, she befriends Tomohiro, a guy who becomes dangerous when paper and ink are placed his hands. On the other hand, the Shatter Me trilogy shows the world of Juliette, as she cannot touch anyone except Adam. Both are very intriguing series that everyone should read.

Tune in tomorrow for the continuation of my Halloween series.

Currently Reading||October 24

At the moment, I am reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.


I know I am a bit late reading this series but I have just never found the urge for a good urban fantasy novel.Β I also hated the old covers and in my opinion, they were extremely ugly. For my birthday, my grandparents bought me the whole re-vamped series; new covers and all. The covers show off a lot of personality towards the series and the spines are incredulously phenomenal. When all of the spines are put together, they make up a beautiful illustration of the New York skyline. The Mortal Instruments series is a must read series for ages 14+.

When Clary Fray heads for a night at Pandemonium, she doesn’t expect to come face to face with a Shadowhunter. More like three. Covered in what look like tattoos and weapons, they murdered what looked like an innocent teenage boy. What was supposed to be a boy was actually a demon. Jace, Alec and Izzy were doing their job as Shadowhunters to free the world of demons. Soon after witnessing the murder, a demon itself came for Clary. Within twenty-four hours, Clary has been pulled into the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders and is taught to fight for her life at all costs. At first, Jace was a jerk towards Clary but once they got to know each other, they fell for each other. This book follows Clary Fray and her friends as they attempt to save the world.

For those that have never heard of The Mortal Instruments series, it is an urban fantasy series of books by the queen of fantasy herself, Cassandra Clare. This series follows characters Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy and Alec as they set forth and defeat the world from demons. The series starts out with City of Bones, then moves along to City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. There is a side series following the lives of Tessa, Will and Jem, who are Shadowhunters that lived during the reign of Queen Victoria. Two more Shadowhunter series wil be released starting next year. More Shadowhunter books include The Bane Chronicles, The Shadowhunter’s Codex and The Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy novella novels. There is also a movie based on City of Bones that stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower and a TV show being released in January 2016 starring Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Today, I decided Β I would finally show my love of books to the rest of the world. On this blog, I plan to post every Tuesday and Saturday with a review or tag post in between the week. I hope everyone will enjoy reading my blog posts and I’ll try to keep my posts as frequent as possible.