Roommates Review || February 28

Hello everybody! I mentioned in my last post that I would be doing a review on an eBook I recently finished. And here it is! I’m not sure if this novel is published but it is a Wattpad novel by Kimmy Hers (a.k.a. XthatONEchicX). In my opinion, this book was as good as After by Anna Todd, maybe even better. Kimmy is an amazing aspiring author and she totally deserves the views on her stories (Roommates, Stepbrother, the Martinez Brothers and It’s A Deal.) Her books are quite a bit “graphic” in the way of sexual interactions but if you enjoy mature reads, feel free to go show her some support. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with this review.


Roommates by Kimmy Hers


A 19 year old girl named Nichole, gets accepted into Westcott University. She will meet plenty of new people, but unfortunately for her, she will be stuck with a roommate that is a cocky, yet hot, perverted jerk. Will he change for her when she tells him about her past? Follow their love-hate journey and hope for the best. 1 girl, 1 boy, 1 room, 1 undeniable love.

My Rating:

full starfull starfull starfull starhalf star 4.5/5 stars

My Review:

This book has definitely replaced After as my favorite Wattpad novel. It had the right amount of drama and romance to make me happy. But, I wasn’t exactly happy the entire time. I cried, I laughed, I became frustrated and i felt every other emotion there is. this book left me breathless at some points, even sobbing at others. But in the end, this story satisfied me. And I really loved how Kimmy would always warn readers about “steamy” scenes because some of them were pretty intense.

When I first started reading this book, i thought it was just going to be normal college life: saying bye to family and friends, going to college, learning and visiting home every so often. But I was caught by surprise after Nichole left her grandma and her best friend, Abby. She arrived at Westcott and was immediately pulled into a friendship with a girl named Melanie, and later another girl named Patricia. And, she just so happened to become roommates for four years with Patricia’s super hot brother, Blake.

Now, you may think, “What could go wrong with a guy as a roommate?” Well, sex. That’s what could go wrong. And that is exactly what goes wrong in this novel. Nichole tried so hard to avoid Blake but she just gave in. And at first it looked like Blake was just using Nichole but, in the end he wasn’t.

All of the characters in this novel were so cute together. And they made this novel form together perfectly. Even though there were quite a few steamy scenes, I would never deny that I loved this novel. It was flawless and perfect all around. At the moment, I am currently reading another one of Kimmy’s novels, Stepbrother, which features Nichole’s best friend, Melanie’s daughter as the main character. I’m only four chapters and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Until next time, Happy Reading!



Diamonds Are Forever Review ||February 25

Hello everybody! So, I know that I said that I was going to get into a habit of posting again but, I completely forgot about this week’s “Teaser Tuesday”. I was having a really good night and I actually finished an eBook (review soon) but I didn’t notice that I forgot the post until 10 pm. So, once again, I’m writing an apology on here and hopefully I’ll be able to post more!

But anyways, today’s review is on the wonderful Michelle Madow’s conclusion to her “Secret Diamond Sisters” series, Diamonds in the Rough. And before I even start, I just want to say that this series is a must read for contemporary lovers. I’m not the biggest fan of contemporaries but if they have quite a bit of romance…. I may just pick it up. 🙂


Diamonds Are Forever by Michelle Madow


It’s cold outside, but the drama is hot!

The Diamond sisters jet to the mountains for spring break, and Savannah’s flirt-mance with an international pop star heats up as her pursuit of stardom succeeds. But is this romance meant to be, or has the right guy been in front of her all along? Meanwhile, Courtney takes the next step with her secret boyfriend—and future stepbrother—and as their parents’ wedding approaches, the pressure’s on to reveal their relationship.

Peyton’s figuring out a plan for her future, but she still feels guilty about getting her former bodyguard fired and wonders if she can get over him in the arms of someone else. But the biggest bombshell will change everything once again, because Madison’s ready to tell the huge secret she’s uncovered. And with the boy who betrayed her but who could be the love of her life fighting for his own life, she might need the Diamond sisters more than ever.

My Rating:

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star/5 stars

My Review:

This book was such an amazing conclusion to the series. When my friend first recommended “The Secret Diamonds Sisters” to me, I was kind of iffy with the title. It sounded just about as cheesy as “Anna and The French Kiss”. But, the cover was pretty so I gave it a go anyways. And yes, I know how the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, we all know that we are quite a bit more attracted to pretty covers than ugly covers. Okay, enough said. So I borrowed if off my friend and I fell in love with the Las Vegas life of wealthy Diamond sisters. (And of course those steamy scenes between Damien and Savannah).

A few months after finishing the first book, I read, finished and once again LOVED the second book. And with that, I was determined to finish the series. And with no surprise, I read, finished and loved the final book in the series. Diamonds Are Forever was one of few contemporaries that actually take place in winter, which made me really happy.

This series has been quite a roller coaster ride but, we have finally touched down at the end. But, the end is just the beginning.

Throughout the whole book, I definitely liked Savannah the most. She is probably the most like me out of all of the sisters. With her bubbly attitude and her blonde hair, we are basically twins. And I loved reading about the growth of Savannah and Damien’s relationship and how it expanded to a point where they knew that they were perfect for each other.

Courtney and Peyton also both had amazing endings. Courtney ended up with her “step-brother”. That kind of sounds weird at first but as you learn how much Courtney and Brett love each other, you would understand. Peyton ended up with someone who she was deeply in love with but unable to see. Jackson. Ohh I loved these two together. They were so cute!

The long awaited Madison announcement came about halfway through the book and I was super happy. I felt terrible for Madison while reading Diamonds in the Rough. But then, she announced it and after a time of silence from the sisters, they all became a family.

This book was definitely one of my favorite endings to a series and I can’t wait to read more of Michelle’s novels!

Happy Reading!