All things… BOOKS!


There is ALWAYS new book news being released. Whether we know it or not, authors are constantly planning new books and working with teams to create amazing pieces of fiction. Some weeks have more news than others but, it’s always good to keep up to date with book news!


We are so lucky to have beautiful covers revealed all the time! Sometimes I am even fortunate enough to team up with authors and publishers to reveal the covers. Nonetheless, if a cover stands out to me, I will definitely blog about it!


I am always up to participate in a blog tour to help promote new books! If you are a publisher/author viewing this, please visit my “review policy” to see if your book fits my criteria!


I am always honored when I get to interview an author. It is such a fun experience and I definitely cannot wait to do more! If you are an author and are interested in being interviewed, please contact me at