My Review Policy

Hello publishers! I am currently accepting books for review! I will also be welcome to author interviews and blog tours. If you are interested in sending me a book for review, please continue reading:


I am currently accepting paperback ARCs, review copies, and fully published novels. I am NOT accepting digital ebooks, or audiobooks at the moment. I don’t enjoy reading through readers and prefer not to listen to audiobooks.


I am currently accepting the following genres:

Young Adult:

  • Science-Fiction
  • Fantasy (High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, etc.)
  • Paranormal, Thriller
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Historical Fiction
  • Adventure

New Adult


  • Fantasy (High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy)
  • Adventure
  • Contemporary

I do NOT accept any other types of books. If you have a book in a different genre, I will be sure to look over your inquiry just in case I am interested anyways. I will NOT be accepting erotica, mystery, religion, politics or non-fiction.


Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Author/Title (especially if a publisher is sending the inquiry)
  • Synopsis
  • Release Date and Publisher
  • Format (I will not be accepting ebooks or digital copies)
  • Why you want me to read and review your novel


I will read and review your novel as soon as possible from the time I receive it. I cannot say an exact duration but, it will be within a month of receiving it. This depends on my monthly TBR and if I am currently in a book slump.

My review will be 100% honest and will not be sugar coated. If I did not like the book, I will explain my reasoning in the nicest way possible, without being harsh. All reviews will be posted here on my blog and will be linked on my goodreads account and my Instagram.


If your novel meets the formats and genres listed above, please be sure to contact me with a book review inquiry! My email is: *without the period on the end*. I check my email frequently, so I will most likely answer you within 5 hours of sending the request.


5 Stars:

  • This book was out-of-this-world. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from it. Probably will end up on my infinite list of favorite books. Probably also has a really hot, main, bad boy in it.

4 Stars:

  • This book was meant for me to read! I loved it and really need more of it. Not quite as good as a 5 star book but definitely has a super good chance of making it on to my favorites list!

3 Stars:

  • This book was good. It was a pretty average read, but I ended up enjoying it anyways. Books either get 3 stars because I wasn’t super attentive while reading it, I’ve read other books like it in the past or, I thought it didn’t deserve more stars.

2 Stars:

  • This book was okay. I was able to read the whole thing but nothing special ended up catching my attention. Books like these usually put me in a book slump, or make me need to read a fantastic book to get back into the reading mood.

1 Star:

  • I hated this novel. It was such a bad experience to read it. These will usually be counted as a “DNF” or will be set aside for a LONG time before I can finish it.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my review policy! I hope to be able to work with you in the future!